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Unable to talk about Needles overlooked Nepenthes. This story began in 1988. Shortly after its founding, Japanese wholesale company Nepenthes opened eponymous store, which very quickly acquired cult status. First in Tokyo, and then around the world. Nepenthes today is the parent company for many labels, including outstanding Engineered Garments and extraordinary Needles. First of all, Needles is known for their Rebuild program - every season brand deconstructs and reassembles a number of vintage items. The result of these actions is a completely new, original clothing, filled with a unique [read more]elaboration of details. At the same time, main line of Needles deserves no less attention. Within its framework, the Japanese rethink in their own way the aesthetics of vintage americana, sportswear and military. Each collection is made from exceptionally high-quality materials and is an example of excellent craftsmanship from wardrobe industry veteran Keizo Shimizu.

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