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Story mfg.

Story mfg. — is a UK-based clothing brand started in 2013 by a husband and wife duo. The company focuses on traditional craftsmanship and sustainability, making all garments using ancient production methods with zero-waste. Everything is made vegan and cruelty-free, with renewable power energy that benefits the earth and creates a more positive future. Each piece is unique and is fully handcrafted by a large group of dyers, weavers, embroiderers and tailors at an atelier in the Indian forest. Story mfg. suggests a new interpretation of outdoor and military-inspired clothes, making them artful [read more]yet sustainable. These clothes are made to last you a lifetime. The name of the company is a hint to understand its nature and intention. “Story” stands for product value, every garment telling a unique story, and “mfg'' is a little contracted word that means - manufactory.

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