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Terms & Conditions

Thank you for visiting the itk Web Site (the “Website”). The Website is a platform delivered by Rocket Science, SIA, Z.A. Meierovica Blvd., 18, Riga, LV-1050, Latvia, VAT LV40103829035 (here on after referred to as “itk” or “We”) for its clients. Please be informed that by using the Website you agree to the following terms and conditions (“Terms & Conditions”).


Itk reserves the right to cancel and modify the Terms & Conditions anytime without further notice. itk may stop you from using the Website if you fail to comply with them at any point. Please note that you agree to delete any materials obtained from the Website along with any copies of them (if any) as soon as possible in the case of termination.


Itk holds the right to change the current Terms & Conditions anytime without further notice. Please be aware that an updated version of the Terms & Conditions will be published on this page if this is the case and that all changes and/or additions made become relevant as soon as the Terms & Conditions are updated. If you continue to use the Website, you are showing consent to the Terms & Conditions at the time of accessing and using the Website. As a user of the Website you expressly acknowledge that your use of the Website is solely at your own risk. itk makes no additional (i.e. not implied directly by law) representations or warranties at all regarding the Website, its contents or the consequences of using it (please see below for more detail). In addition, itk does not represent or warrant that the information and merchandise accessed or purchased through the Website is accurate, complete or current.

All information and content on the Website, including that regarding products, prices and availability may be changed by itk anytime without notice. The prices listed on the Website are not offers to form a contract but only serve as advertisements for offers. We take no responsibility for and shall not be liable for any damage to your computer or other property related to your access to or use (including browsing and downloading any image, text, audio and/or video files or any form of data or media from the Website) of the Website, including, but not limited to, viruses affecting your computer.


Where jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion of implied warranties under aforementioned exclusion may not apply. Additionally, itk does not represent or warrant that the Website will be permitted in the jurisdiction applicable to you, will run without any technical errors. itk does not represent or warrant or hold responsibility for content uploaded by users and third-party use of such content and its implications.

Usage Restrictions

All information and HTML and other codes and scripts that you encounter on the Website, including, but not limited to, images headers and video clips and any other form of data is the property of itk, merchandise suppliers or licensors. All of the aforementioned content is intended solely for users’ personal noncommercial use. You may use (print, download and save) some of the content of the Site provided you follow this rule and, additionally, you do not post it or broadcast it or modify the content anyhow by altering or deleting parts or all of it, including copyright and trademark notices. Please note that you do not gain any rights regarding the content of the Website through such use of it, and itk reserves complete title and complete intellectual property rights in any information you access through the Website.

All that you encounter on the Website is copyrighted as a collective work under EU copyright laws, and coordination, arrangement and enhancement of the data. All trademarks, logos and other forms of content found on the Website and put into use initially by itk shall remain the property of itk. Nothing grants or can be understood to grant you any rights with regards to what is the intellectual property of itk, while all other trademarks, logos and product and company names are and shall remain the intellectual property of their respective owners.

Information Supplied

When you use the Website to place an order, you will be expected to provide your name, email address, mailing address, payment information and contact number and be responsible for the information provided being correct. Additionally, you must be at least 18 ¬¬years of age or of the age of legal majority under your local law. If you are under 18, you must be supervised by a parent or guardian when using the Website. If you are a parent or guardian supervising a minor’s use of the Website, you agree to these Terms & Conditions and are responsible for any actions committed by the minor in using the Website.

User Comments, Feedback and Other Submissions

By posting any communication or material on the Site (collectively, the "Comments"), you grant itk and its affiliates a non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, and fully sublicensable right to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from, distribute, and display such reviews and comments in an unlimited manner. You also grant itk and its affiliates and sublicensees the right to use the name that you submit with any review or comment, if any, in connection with such communication.

Itk and its affiliates reserve the royalty-free, non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, and fully sublicensable right to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, make and publish derivatives from, distribute, and display reviews or comments posted by you with no restrictions. You also grant itk and its affiliates and sublicensees the right to use your name that you submit with any review or comment. You agree to assume full responsibility for the comments that you leave on the Website. You agree to post solely reviews and comments that do not anyhow infringe anyone’s rights and that shall not contain any illegal material or obscene content.

Pricing Policy

Itk views as its goal the offering of reasonably priced items on a daily basis, with some items being available at promotional prices temporarily. Usually the prices of goods offered on the Website will be priced the same online as in our physical store, however it is possible that the products in our physical store are differently priced or fall under a special promotion at different times. The Website aims to provide accurate pricing and availability information, however it may be that items are unavailable as described on the Website and may be out of stock. If the latter is the case, such items will be removed from the order you have placed with notification and with a refund where applicable. Where and if pricing errors occur, they are to be resolved before you receive the notification and possible refund, and it is itk’s priority to inform you of any problem with your order as soon as possible after it is processed by itk. If the credit or debit card you use for payment is not denominated in Euro, the total of your order is to be calculated with use of the relevant exchange rate for the day on which your payment is processed by your card issuer.

Promotional Offers

Itk reserves the right to cancel any transaction that makes use of unauthorized or otherwise ineligible use of a given discount and to modify or cancel a given promotion at any time due to system error or any other unpredictable issue. Please examine the official rules associated with each promotion you want to make use of and note that promotional offers do not apply to shipping costs, handling costs or gift cards we offer, or taxes. Successful use of discounts will be displayed at checkout. Please note that some promotional offers we offer are not compatible with other promotions or discounts. For that matter, special offers, coupons and discounts we offer cannot be used simultaneously with any other offers unless otherwise stated in their official rules.

Order Acceptance

Verification of entered data may be required before your order is accepted by itk. The receipt of an email confirmation does not guarantee the receipt of an order. itk may limit the order quantities as well as refuse service without prior notice.


Itk has attempted to display as accurately as possible the colours of items the images of which you can encounter on the Website. Because colour display is dependent on the monitor used, itk does not guarantee that you will see the colours of products exactly as they are in real life.

Errors and Correction of Errors and Inaccuracies on the Website

The Website may contain typing or factual errors and the information presented may be incomplete or up-to-date. itk apologises for any inconvenience this may cause. Should an error occur in the price of a product as listed on the Website, itk maintains the right to refuse orders containing that product at any point during the process of processing your order, including after you have been charged. In the event that we cancel an order you have already been charged for, itk shall issue credit to your account equal to the incorrectly stated price. Please be informed that itk may correct errors or omissions without prior notice, including after you submit an order. If, as a result, you are not satisfied with your order, you may return it provided you present the original receipt as described in the Return Policy.

Third Party Links

The Website contains links to third party websites that, when clicked upon, can take you to other websites. Please be informed that a link does not imply that itk is anyhow affiliated with the third party website. Please acknowledge that the use of the links and the access to third party websites thereafter is solely at your own risk and itk is not responsible for the contents of third party websites or any outcomes of your use (including access to) of them. itk does look to conserve the integrity of the Website and any third party links present and therefore asks for feedback on linked websites as well as on the Website itself.


These terms and conditions, or any of them, may be terminated by itk without notice at any time for any reason and accordingly deny you access to the Site, if you fail to comply with any term or provision. Upon termination, you must promptly destroy all materials downloaded or otherwise obtained from this Site, as well as all copies of such materials.


As a user of the Website, you agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless itk and all of its employees, directors, licensors, suppliers and all affiliates and partners from all sorts of loss and damage, including possible reasonable attorney fees that may occur as a result from you or anyone else using your account and breaking the Terms & Conditions or partaking in any activity that leads to such loss.

Applicable Laws

All the Terms & Conditions and policies are governed by the laws of the Republic of Latvia and are not to be at any conflict with the law. By continuing to use this Website you agree to conform to the exclusive jurisdiction of The Supreme Court of the Republic of Latvia in respect of any disputes that may arise from using the Website, from complying with the Terms & Conditions or any other matter concerning use of the Website. You and itk hereby agree that any dispute related to the Terms & Conditions or the service we offer is between you and itk and is to be resolved solely through individual arbitration. The latter implies no resorting to a class arbitration or other forms of representative proceeding.

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